Back and Forth

by Bluebottles

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You might think the life of a global rock-star consists of nothing more than endless parties & socialising with fellow A-listers.
Well, you'd be right..... up to a point.

Just because we're moving in the upper echelons doesn't mean we're out of touch. Why, only this morning the band's personal astrologer was telling ELT's PA's assistant about the turmoil and chaos in the organic sushi bar.

The monumental events of the past twelve months have left their mark on all of us.
Who could fail to notice the protest marches and venomous social media campaigns?
Exorbitant price rises for everyday essentials such as rain-forest tree-sap throat pastilles.
Families torn apart by differences of opinion.
Friends and neighbours refusing to speak to each other, their children fearful of the future.

Until now.... Yes, Bluebottles have released another album.

Hope has been restored.


released February 17, 2017

Bluebottles are :

David 'ELT' M : Guitars, Bass, Synths
Gary Reeves : Drums
Gordon M : Vocals

Mixed & Mastered at Scanulf Studios

Cover Art : Nathan Jon Tillett

Bluebottles would like to thank :

Hylda from Balham, friends & supporters on SoundCloud, Mikhail Bakunin, the Bronte sisters : Charlotte, Emily & Anne, the Moore brothers : Henry, Roger & Ilkley, Sri Cierpinski & everyone at the Shirley Temple, Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, Alan Ladd's Cuban Heel Emporium, Walter Gropius, Bela Lugosi's dad and, of course, Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman.

Check out Hylda's fan-site here :

24 bit masters



all rights reserved


Bluebottles Bradford, UK

Quintessential new-wave supergroup back to its best and doing it for the fans.

Universally recognised as pioneers of the art-rock/reggae/jazz/new wave style, Bluebottles continue to push the boundaries to critical and commercial acclaim.

Music, fashion, international humanitarianism and landscape gardening - Bluebottles' influence is unmistakable.
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Track Name: Don't Look Forward
Don't look forward, To what the future holds
Don't look forward, Tomorrow never knows

Another rundown theatre, framing fading glory
A failing dance hall for the faintest curtain call
We faithful few, not laughing at you, laughing with you
We loved, you lost, you fell, it cost the earth

Don't look forward
Past and present, future ghosts
Don't look forward
Do we really want to know?

Just another throw, just another go
No-one's gonna know
Carry on, with the show

We knew all the lines, your finest hour in half the time
There for every step, every ep',
except the final

Heaven knows we need you now, in these strangest times
These strangest days, Strangeways here we come

You made us laugh, you made us cry
You shone for all of us
Tread lightly now our diamond in the rough

We don't look forward
I guess we do not want to know
Track Name: Leaps And Bounds
Another waiting room, nothing else to do
Live last year's Country Life again, count framed diplomas, one to ten
Got to heed the writing on the wall, increase the guilt, await the call
Roll with every Punch, 'til disembodied from above
A Voice
Says my name
I hear my name
Now's my time

It pays not to rush these things, who knows what the future brings?
With confidence I can pronounce, you're coming on in Leaps & Bounds

Another Misdiagnosedive
Here we go, here we go again

From the bottom of a Scottish loch, a meaningful coincidence

Off-chance, off-hand, off-beat, off-course, off-day, off-peak, off the wall
All too often

Another Misdiagnosedive
Here we go, here we go again { One step forwards, Two steps back }

Coming on, in Leaps & Bounds
Coming on, in Leaps & Bounds
Coming on, in Leaps & Bounds
Track Name: Driven To This
When the sun's refused to shine
Another day's refused to dawn
When the music's out of ......
Time. It seems all hope has gone

So I'm swept along, can't stop myself from goin' under
As new depths are plumbed, an all-time low?
Sometimes I wonder....

Guess we're guilty one and all
Guess we're somehow all to blame
The finger of suspicion pointing,
Pointing One Way

And now we choose a side
We have the Right, X marks the spot

Eyes down for a Fool-house
No confidence, room at the top

Such frightening fluency in Despairanto
What's to lose?

Can't doubt the people now,
They've spoken out, but whose words did they use?

Guess this square peg never fits
Guess I can't go on like this
Seeking refuge in a bottle
Driven to this

Can't tell Left from Right, or up from down
Seems I'm surrounded by so many Killer Clowns
Should I laugh or cry fairweather friends?
Have I missed my cue, is this the end?
Driven to this
Track Name: Pressure
Today begins like all the rest, Alarmed beside by the too-big bed
It's six AM again and, so far, so good, so lonely

Pile the dishes in the sink, by the cartons, meals for one
Giant steps are what I take, to catch the train
"Don't Stand So Close!"

A hundred vacant castaways, hypnotised by four inch screens
We know exactly what comes next, A desperate choir of silent screams
"Can't Take This Pressure"

The feeling grows and grows, days will feel like years
Pressure building, one by one, see the cracks appear

So far, so good, so lonely
A thousand rainy days, yeah
Can't take this anymore
Can't take this pressure!
Track Name: Same Time, Same Place
Every TV show and every song I hear speaks to me
Every advert knows my name, every jingle rings a bell
A Christmas movie, two hours that I won't see again
Here's to Capra, Dickens, Crosby, to imaginary friends
Friends, friends, friends.
This silent night

Pass the parcel, rip the wrap, party spirit 1-2-3
Hear the music, when it stops, take a seat they're always free
Drain another glass, smile, a joke I've heard before
Lines are fumbled, not my key, wake me up when wassailing's
Done, done, done
Down, down, down
Have I ever been.... solo

All washed up, the tide rolls in
A kind of Crusoe for today
Empty bottle SOS
Have I missed the postage date?
Guess I've missed the postage date
Yes, I've missed the postage date

Was it one wise king who sang the Lonely Christmas thing?
Or just some other man trapped inside a tribute band

Same time, same place, next year
Track Name: Kick It!
Never needed help before like I'm needing it today
Running round in circles, tell myself that it's OK
It's in the past

From the darkest recess, the place we never look
A kind of waking nightmare, got the T-shirt, wrote the book
All in the past


Kick it up! Kick it out!
Kick it forward! Kick it back!
Ohhhh, It's happenin' again
Round & round & round & round & round
It's happenin' again

Kick it to win, no time to lose
Kick it anywhere, anytime you choose
Kick it forward, to the kerb
Kick it far from here, never seen or heard

Kick it!
Track Name: Breathless
Just a usual day, in all the usual ways
Another tick-tock life, for one more clockwork man
I know I've tried to run, I know I've tried to hide
I'm back to where I started, where it all began

I'm pulling every day, petals from a flower
I don't know what to say, it changes every hour

Leaving all the lights on, for one more night
Hold my breath and wait, for the voice I can't forget
The sun has got his hat on, but it can't disguise
Hip-hip hooray, wear my brave face, for a final time

Can't shout you down, can't drown you out, you know me best
Can't look away, can't turn the page, you leave me, Breathless

Breathless, you leave me
Track Name: Going Nowhere
Straight ahead, still on we go, into the red, no other choice
Goin' Nowhere fast, directionless, no guiding voice

Check the mirror, give the signals, deft manouevre time
Yet more derring do on the slip road of life

I made a wrong turn years ago, foot down hard I missed the signs
Detour ahead it seems for me, too late to heed the warning lights

Take the wheel, take a tighter grip and take that trip
Blankly staring on, life's highway takes its toll

Intersection, interaction, "course I'm into this but..."
Tiredness kills, more plastic food and plastic smiles

Made a wrong turn years ago, foot down hard I missed the signs
Detour ahead it seems for me, too late to heed the warning lights

Make a U-turn while there's time, Slow things down get off this road
No passengers beyond this point, Loud and clear drive on alone

We are goin' nowhere
We are goin' nowhere
We are goin' nowhere
Track Name: Stop Running
I think of all the situations in my life
All the times when I turned tail and ran
Avoid predicaments I didn't want to face
Polite excuses, "I'm doin' all I can"

I kept movin' on, easiest alternative
But this one's different, I tried to believe

Don't think I can stand all the awkward silences
Loaded pauses, dreading what you'll say
I guess we always knew that truth would be the casualty
Quick-fix solutions? So late in the day

Kept movin' on. simplest alternative
Put our faith in words, we tried to believe

Like a dream, I see a day
Peaceful, free, at last I stop running

Finally I stop
Track Name: No Way Back
Still the storm clouds hanging over me, close to the edge
Can't shake it off, I'm reeling with the aftershock

Summer's here, but there's no dancing in the street
Now backs are turned, look on the floor
No welcome mat, a bolted door

You've had your say, there's no way back for us
Excuses made, the dancing's through

What happened to our playfulness, our joie de vivre?
What happened to our jeux sans frontieres?

No fond farewell for you or me
No one waves goodbye
No holding back the tears

No final kiss, just foolish pride
So many years, no way back for us this time

No way back for us?
Is there no way back for us?
The bluebirds sing, sweet au revoir
Will we meet again?

No way back for us? really no way back for us?
Close the door, turn away
No final rendezvous.... Goodbye